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About Us

Have you ever wondered where do those celebrities find these unique yet good looking accessories? Have you wondered too whether it is those accessories that bring out the best of these celebrities or it is the other way round?

Well, here at Vince Mart, we had those questions before too.
Don't get me wrong, we are not saying that these celebrities buy their accessories from us (even if they do, they won't admit it anyway), but the message we are bringing across is, you too can look at your best with our accessories, without needing to spend a bomb on them.

At Vince Mart, we are always on the search for the best suppliers which provide unique and beautiful accessories at an affordable price around the region. Thus, if you bought something from us and didn't like it, feel free to drop us a message or even a review. Why? As much as we would like you to have a wonderful shopping experience with us, we think your liking and review on a specific product is the best gauge to determine whether the supplier meet your standards. If you have ever bought from us, you will realise that every product review which you have given us, good or bad, automatically entitle you for a discount of 25% for your next purchase, that shows how much we value your comment. 

At Vince Mart, we have the vision of bringing out the best of you with our accessories at an affordable price.

Thank you very much for visiting our shop and we will see you around.

Best regards,
Vince Tan